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Traveling abroad requires a lot of planning, from arranging your travel documents such as your passport, travel visa, and air tickets to getting your camera and clothes specific to your destination weather. Another crucial factor that we sometimes do not include is the foreign exchange.

Carrying liquid cash when you are traveling abroad involves a lot of risks. A multi-currency forex card guarantees safe and cashless transactions. You no longer need to stand in long queues to get foreign currency. Having a multi-currency forex card allows you to buy currency online and enjoy a stress-free trip.


If you wish to buy forex online, the most reliable platform to opt for can be IndusForex, IndusInd bank’s online portal for retail forex. Whether you want to buy currency online or purchase a multi-currency forex Card, IndusForex caters to all your forex needs at attractive foreign Exchange Rates.

The IndusInd Multi-currency Forex Card is a safe and cashless way to carry foreign currency. It is accepted everywhere, available in 14 currencies, and it protects you against foreign currency fluctuations. A prepaid forex card procured from IndusForesx is safer than carrying cash and easier to use than your traveler’s cheque.

Benefits of IndusInd Multi-currency Forex Card

● You can load up to 14 currencies at once.

● You can buy currency online at affordable foreign exchange rates.

● It protects you against fluctuating foreign exchange rates, as the exchange rates remain unchanged after loading the forex card.

● It allows you to make international bookings and payments for hotels, restaurants, airlines, petrol pumps, and taxis at no extra charge.

● Your days of standing in long queues to exchange currency are long gone.

● You can withdraw cash from any visa-enabled ATM.

● Get instant notification of each transaction on your registered mobile number or email.

● Easy encashment of the balance after returning to India.

Why choose IndusForex to buy forex online?

● The process of purchasing an IndusInd Multi-currency Forex Card from IndsusForexis simple, easy, and quick.

● You can load or reload your prepaid forex card at the best available foreign exchange rate.

● You do not necessarily need to visit one of IndusInd Bank’s branches. Your multi-currency forex card can be couriered to your preferred location domestically.

● Purchase your multi-currency forex card and book your rate from anywhere at any time.

● The entire process is online, which means there is less paperwork and faster delivery.

● You can book your preferred foreign exchange rate by paying only 5% as the token amount and have the luxury of paying the remaining within 24 hours.

In short

If you are a frequent traveler and constantly worry about foreign currency and foreign exchange rates, IndusForex can offer you the safest platform to buy forex online. Enjoy a stress-free foreign trip with an IndusInd Multi-currency forex card.

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